Butterfly Valve Body Aluminium JIS 10K/ASME Class 150 Lever Operated Kitz (Figure 10XJMEA)

Technical Specification
Figure 10XJMEA
Working Pressure Max. 1 MPa
Standard JIS 10K, ASME Class 150
Working Temperature -20 ~ 120 °C (condition: fluid not frozen)
Face-to-face Dimension API609, BS5155 (Short Pattern), ISO 5752-20, JIS B2002 46 Series
Coupling Flanges JIS B 2220/2239 10K, ASME Clas 150
Body Aluminium Die-Cast / Equivalent ASTM B85-84-383.0
Stem Equivalent ASTM A276 Type 410
Disc A351 Gr. CF8M
Neck 304 Stainless Steel
Rubber Seat EPDM
Bottom Stem Equivalent ASTM A276 Type 410
O-ring EPDM
Bearing Polyphenylenesulfide

KITZ bronze/brass valves are exclusively produced in modern factories used for valve manufacturing. Each phase of the manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials to casting, forging, machining, assembly and testing, has been improved with automated production facilities and unparalleled production technology. Standardization and automation yield KITZ bronze/brass valves of superior quality and higher uniformity at competitive prices supported by incomparably prompt delivery.

KITZ bronze/brass valves are designed by state-of-the-art computers, built by automation, and inspected by people who care about quality.

Design Features of KITZ Bronze/Brass Valves

Human Engineering in Hand Wheel Design

The computer designed hand wheel of all KITZ bronze/brass valves, the product of KITZ human engineering, feature the ideal combination of operational efficiency and high mechanical strength for reliability

Asbestos-free Gland Packing

All KITZ bronze/brass gate and globe valves employ Aramid Fiber PTFE as the material in the asbestos-free gland packing, which meets the latest industrial requirement to minimize concerns about pollution. With the leak-free sealing performance and reduced valve operating torque, Aramid Fiber PTFE is considered a reliable substitute for conventional asbestos sheets for the service of water, oil, gas, and saturated steam pressure at a maximum 300psi at temperatures up to 300 oC.

Pressure Rating

The Pressure Rating Designation of KITZ valves follows the accepted practice of today’s valve and pipe fitting industry. Each product is rated for W.O.G (Non-shock cold water, oil, and gas) and Saturated steam pressure service.

Inspection and Testing

KITZ valves are manufactured under strict quality control requirements throughout all stages of production, beginning with the inspection of the chemical composition and the mechanical properties of the materials. Extra care is given to inspection and testing at all machine shops and assembly plants by using up-to-date precision equipment. All KITZ valves meet strict pressure testing specifications for the bory and seat seals to assure a long service life and quality performance.

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